Light it Up was written by Ben Green, with lyrics by Ben Green and Joel Kennedy.  It was specifically written for Townsville rock group, Up Goes Hollywood.  Ben has a core passion for modern, melodic rock music and, with this track, seeks to deliver a memorable hook over driving, riff-based guitars.  This was Ben's first full production on the Avid Pro Tools platform. 

The Shadow Interlude was written by Ben Green for The Shadow in Her Eye rock opera.  It was written in a MIDI format via Reason software then dlivered to Steven Frewen-Lord (violin) and Caroline Arlett (cello) to perform and record.  This is the first string composition Ben has written for actual stringed instruments.

Isonic Forest was written as an electronic dance piece for La Luna Youth Arts Townsville.  Though an electronic piece, it uses acoustic sounds such as piano and violin.  Through using minor chords and a slow tempo half-time beat, it creates drama and tension within the listener.  It culminates into a tempo change and a typical club style dance piece, but still over the same motif.

For this piece, Ben removed the soundtrack from the Audi R8 advertisement and recomposed it.  The reason he chose this commercial was that he felt the use of slower classical music in the original ad was not suited to the slick and shiny camera work and edits.  He wrote a fresher, electronic piece which is more suited to the message the visuals are trying to communicate.